The Best Countries for Seeing Wildlife on Your Next Vacation

Go2Africa analyzed almost 70 million photos to come up with the results.

Seeing beautiful cities and gorgeous landscapes when traveling is great, but you can’t really compare it with the adrenaline rush you get from spotting some rare wildlife in their natural habitat.

Some places are, of course, better than others for wildlife spotting, and a new study by Go2Africa, a Cape Town-based travel agency, managed to find out exactly which ones. Since a passion for wildlife spotting usually comes hand in hand with wildlife photography, the Go2Africa team analyzed almost 70 million photos on Flickr, and then took into consideration what percentage of a country’s photos were of unique wildlife compared to the total number of that country’s photos.

As a result, somewhat unsurprisingly, Kenya came out on top. The country, which is one of the top destinations in Africa for safaris, flaunts more than 25,000 animal species, as well as 7,000 species of plants. And of course, it is home to the Big 5—elephant, rhino, lion, cape buffalo, and leopard—which every year serve as iconic wildlife photo subjects.

Canada took the silver medal in the analysis thanks to its 80,000 classified species and 20 ecosystems, from tundra to boreal forest. According to the study, 20.42% of all pictures taken in Canada are of unique wildlife.

The third spot went to Singapore, which featured wildlife in 19.9% of its photos analyzed for the study. Don’t be surprised by the result—Singapore might be small, but its botanic gardens, wetlands, and islands are all home to many different animal species.

Take a look at the top 10 best countries for wildlife spotting, according to the analysis:

1. Kenya
2. Canada
3. Singapore
4. Australia
5. Botswana
6. Tanzania
7. Lithuania
8. Namibia
9. India
10. South Africa

Read more about the best countries for wildlife spotting in Go2Africa's full study. 

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