There's a New Best Country In the World and It's Not the U.S.

Published On 03/09/2017 Published On 03/09/2017
Best country in the world 2017

U.S. News has put out a brand new ranking of the best countries in the world and the U.S. might be staying up late if it's waiting for Professor Farnsworth to burst through the door.

Topping the 2017 edition is Switzerland, though they'll no doubt reserve judgment about the countries below them. That's how nice they are. In second place is Canada, who immediately apologized for being so great and invited your family over for waffles. Rounding out the top five are the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.

"Switzerland has low unemployment, a skilled labor force and one of the highest gross domestic products per capita in the world," the rankings wrote of the world's new heavyweight champion. 

As for the United States, the survey, which was conducted after the 2016 presidential election, has dropped the world's number one exporter of Tom Cruise movies from fourth to seventh.

Overall there are some significant changes from the 2016 list, even though many countries stayed in the same spot. Notably, the top five was led by Germany, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Sweden (no. 6 this year). 2016's top country slid "in part because of a string of terrorist attacks and political tension over its decision to admit large numbers of refugees," according to the New York Times.

This year the survey, done in partnership with Y&R’s BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, prioritized "countries that enjoyed some measure of peace, quiet and prosperity," according to the Times.

“The new rankings reflect people’s desire to restore some sense of order by rewarding nations they perceive as championing neutrality, stability, and diplomacy," John Gerzema, chief executive of BAV Consulting, told the Times.

The overall list is the result of a number of categories outlined in their report. Each of those categories comes with a full ranking providing some intriguing transparency into the selection process. Here are the top five nations in a few of those categories.

Top Countries for Adventure:
1. Brazil (no. 28 overall)
2. Italy (no. 16 overall)
3. Spain (no. 19 overall)
4. Thailand (no. 26 overall)
5. Greece (no. 29 overall)

Top Countries for Citizenship:
1. Norway (no. 10 overall)
2. Sweden
3. Switzerland
4. Canada
5. Finland (no. 13 overall)

Top Countries for Cultural Influence:
1. Italy
2. France (no. 9 overall)
3. United States
4. Spain
5. United Kingdom

Top Countries for Power:
1. United States
2. Russia (no. 27 overall)
3. China (no. 20 overall)
4. United Kingdom
5. Germany

Top Countries for Quality of Life:
1. Canada
2. Sweden
3. Denmark (no. 12 overall)
4. Australia (no. 8 overall)
5. Norway

Top Countries to Start a Business:
1. Thailand
2. Malaysia (no. 35 overall)
3. Philippines (no. 43 overall)
4. Canada
5. China

Top Countries for Education:
1. Canada
2. United Kingdom
3. Germany
4. Australia
5. France

There are many more categories as well as in-depth essays and reasoning for every ranking.

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