The Best Free Tourist Attractions in Every Country and State

These sights won't cost you a single dime.

The worst thing to happen on a vacation is to shell out a bunch of money on a hyped-up tourist attraction, only to realize that the place you've arrived at is totally overrated. Now you've spent precious time and money to stand around in crowds and feel disappointed. Luckily, for every lackluster destination, there is also an amazing—and free—attraction to check out as well.

Embracing that sense of optimism, vacation rental company Casago scoured the pages of Tripadvisor to determine the best free tourist attractions in every country. Their new guide features the top attractions worldwide, organized by continent and it also features a ranking specifically for the US, for the travelers who are staying stateside.

“We located the 'things to do' page for every country on Tripadvisor and selected the 'free entry' filter. Next, we pulled the first five pages of attractions ranked by 'traveler favorites,'" the study's methodology reads. "Finally, we calculated the percentage of five-star, or 'excellent,' reviews for each attraction by country. We then ranked attractions by the percentage of five-star reviews to isolate the highest-rated attractions by country and worldwide."

Some of the findings might surprise you—a Belgium harp museum came out as the best free attraction in the world, while the top free attraction in the US was located in Dayton, Ohio. In the UK, the top free attraction is dedicated to… coal.

Check out some key findings from the report below:

Courtesy of Casago
Courtesy of Casago
Courtesy of Casago
Courtesy of Casago

For more details from the report, including the top free tourist attractions in Europe, Oceania, Africa, and Asia, you can check out the full report.

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