The 42 Funniest YouTube Videos Under 1 Minute

calm owl youtube video
montymintypie/YouTube/Jennifer Bui/Thrillist
montymintypie/YouTube/Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

Honestly, watching videos over a minute is as early 2000s as having frosted tips. But thanks to a recent thread on Reddit, a veritable goldmine of YouTube classics under the 60-second threshold has resurfaced. And boy, is the list incredible.

There's really no need to step in your way here. You want videos. You'll get videos. A few are NSFW, and are appropriately noted as being inappropriate. Bookmark this page for when you're having a bad day, or just really need to see cute animals and human failures in rapid succession.

These are the 42 funniest YouTube videos under a minute.

Wimpy goat

Lamb saying "YEAH!"

Screaming marmot remix

Wobbly sausage! (Kinda NSFW)

Hey, Ron. Hey, Billy.

Seeing snow for the first time

Streaker fails hard

Scooter + trombone = dirt bike

Joaquin Phoenix's forehead is a person

The Turkey Whisperer

[Ed. Note: This one made me cry.]

Pavlov's Frenchie

Incestual realization of Han Solo

Let the parrots hit the floor

Kevin Everett recovery update

That's nice. What does it say? (NSFW)

Woman struck by lightning speaks

Alex Trebek is a jerk

The ice cream van

Jurassic Park (melodica cover)


Nice, Ron.

Way to go, Paul.

WTF, Richard? (NSFW)

WTF are you doing, David? (NSFW)

Kevin, watch the light, dude!


Well son of a bitch, Clyde!

Cat meets glass door

Pug files

This is why mom doesn't f&*%ing love you (NSFW)

Inception Buckethead protester

Afraid of technology

Watch yo' profamity

Dog vocabulary (NSFW)

Calm owl

Smells like Teen Shovel

Then I don't need a jacket, Tetris version

Wii Sports bowling fail

Hippo butt explosion

Have you ever had a dream like this?

Sail cat

Thug life magic

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's senior news editor. He had seen 80% of these videos before, and stands by "Turkey Whisperer" as the best. Follow him: @ryanrcraggs.