People Are Sharing Gym Etiquette Tips for Newcomers & It's All Good Advice

"I AM this guy," said Reddit user Just_A_Henry, in response to a post about intimidating men at the gym. "I swear people change sidewalk sides to avoid me. I hate it. I've been a gym rat for my whole life. Yes. Im bald as Mr clean. Yes. Tattooed sleeves on both arms. Yes I will help you bench, squat, w/e no matter the weight or your fitness level. It's FUN for me to share my hobby of (almost now) 20 years." 

These are the people who are joining cyber forces to teach New Years Resolutioners proper gym etiquette, as well as give tips to improve newcomers' gym experience and fitness outcomes. It's a strange time for fitness, what with internet fitness sensations like Kayla Itsines displayed beautifully and constantly on social media feeds, setting unrealistic standards for what working out looks like in the modern-day. But it doesn't have to look like that, and it probably doesn't at your local gym. The people of Reddit want you to know this, as badly as they want you to behave properly.

"Gym goers of Reddit, what is something (protocol, etiquette, tips, etc.) that new year resolution-ers should know about the gym?" asked user FAAAACKUNDO on Friday. He got over 9,000 comments in response, so we put together our favorite tips so that you can feel comfortable and empowered at the weight machines, even when you're sandwiched between two sweat-drenched lumberjacks: 

The best gym etiquette tips from Reddit users

"For the first year/18 months, don't worry about the numbers, focus on your form. Bicep curling 10kg dumbbells with perfect form is much more useful that wildly swinging a 45kg dumbbell around." -- SaintPhoenix_

"Don't lift in front of the dumbell racks. Move back 2m." -- Jerry13888

"one thing. if u are unsure how to do an exercise correctly - for the love of god ask. most people are friendly and will help." --Neet91

"If you can afford it, get some wireless headphones. There's nothing worse than dropping your phone and ripping wired ones out of your ears, or getting them caught on equipment and ripping them out of your ears." -- NetworkMachineBroke

"If you have extra skin or your thighs rub together, Vaseline is your friend. Just a thin layer will help prevent chaffing. Don’t wear an obnoxious amount of perfume or cologne. It’s a gym, we’re all supposed to stink a bit when we leave. I hate it when I have to get off of cardio equipment because the person next to me is doused in perfume and I can’t breath." -- IveSeenThingsMan

"I'm currently healing from a bacterial infection on my face, so I just want to emphasise: GYMS ARE FILTHY. Never forget that. DO NOT SCRATCH YOURSELF." -- ButtercupAttitude

"Don’t be the asshole who uses multiple pieces of equipment at once. Oh you need 2 sets of cables, one for triceps one for biceps? FOH. Also don’t just sit around on equipment or stand in the way. You’re there to work, do that or bounce." -- Some1SomeWher3

"Aimed at guys - please remember that 90% plus of women who go to the gym are there to work out, they aren’t there looking to get picked up. If you are having to interrupt someone’s workout and asking them to remove headphones so you can try to chat them up, it’s probably not going to end well for you." -- annie_tits_mcgee

"Don’t be afraid to ask the front desk for a spot if you aren’t confident doing free weights, better safe than sorry. Don’t do circuit training in the free weight area of taking up 5 machines or 5 sets of dumbbells, that how you make no friends fast. Ask someone if you can work in or how many sets they have left if they are on a machine you want. Be prepared for a no and find another machine that is similar or a free weight version. Don’t waste time on a machine watching TV, talking on the phone or texting excessively. People could be waiting for you to finish so do your lifts and keep it moving." -- JerBear_2008

"Nobody cares what you look like at the gym. You shouldn't be discouraged by feelings that people are going to judge you for being too fat/thin at the gym. The entire purpose of the place is to build a healthier body. If anything I always looked up to the really out of shape people who would come in and work out hard. It's incredibly motivating to see." -- banter_claus_69

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Ruby Anderson is a former gym addict who can't remember a single time she paid attention to a newcomer. No one is watching you, I swear.