This Year’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes Are Extremely 2018

best halloween costume ideas 2018

It's not Pope Rihanna, Mason Ramsey, or a sentient version of Ben Affleck's back tattoo. (And, no, somehow it's not Gritty, either.) But the most popular Halloween costume of 2018 is very 2018. 

It's not quite the big day yet, but Google's Freightgeist has collected data on what Halloween costume ideas are being searched the most to give an early look the most popular costumes of the year so far. In a landslide, the most popular costumes are Fortnite related.

The Freightgeist site will let you track the costumes as they rise and fall in popularity, and it also provides a map where you can dig into costumes on a local level. You know, in case you were curious what costumes people in Mankato, Minnesota are thinking about donning. (Rabbits. People in Mankato are dressing up as rabbits, according to the all-knowing Google.)

On the list, some costume ideas are very specific, while others are closer to be a costume category like "superhero" or "1980s." Nonetheless, here's a look at the top 48 costume ideas across the country. Though "general fatigue" and "oh my god, how is it still 2018?" probably slipped under the radar because they don't appear to be costume ideas on the surface.

1. Fortnite
2. Spider-Man
3. Unicorn
4. Dinosaur
5. Witch
6, Harley Quinn
7. Superhero
8. Pirate
9. Rabbit
10. Princess
11. Clown
12. Wonder Woman
13. Mouse
14. The Incredibles
15. Mermaid
16. Zombie
17. Doll
18. Batman
19. The 1980s
20. Bear
21. Black Panther
22. Vampire
23. Pumpkin
24. Chucky
25. Cheerleader
26. Shark
27. Fairy
28. Angel
29. Belle
30. Devil
31. Skeleton
32. Ghost
33. Minnie Mouse
34. Mario
35. Power Rangers
36. Lion
37. Joker
38. Moana
39. Star Wars
40. Deadpool
41. Dragon
42. Nun
43. Pig
44. Mickey Mouse
45. Gray wolf
46. Little Red Riding Hood
47. IT
48. Paw Patrol

Google Trends also pulled the data state by state to show which costumes were garnering the most interest in each state. Here's where you can really see how Fortnite is the overwhelming favorite right now. It was the top costume in 43 states.

Alaska: Mermaid
Alabama: Fortnite
Arkansas: Dinosaur
Arizona: Fortnite
California: Fortnite
Colorado: Fortnite
Connecticut: Fortnite
District of Columbia: Spider-Man
Delaware: Fortnite
Florida: Fortnite
Georgia: Fortnite
Hawaii: Fortnite
Iowa: Fortnite
Idaho: Unicorn
Illinois: Fortnite
Indiana: Fortnite
Kansas: Fortnite
Kentucky: Fortnite
Louisiana: Fortnite
Massachusetts: Fortnite
Maryland: Fortnite
Maine: Fortnite
Michigan: Fortnite
Minnesota: Fortnite
Missouri: Fortnite
Mississippi: Fortnite
Montana: Fortnite
North Carolina: Fortnite
North Dakota: Fortnite
Nebraska: Fortnite
New Hampshire: Fortnite
New Jersey: Fortnite
New Mexico: Fortnite
Nevada: Fortnite
New York: Fortnite
Ohio: Fortnite
Oklahoma: Fortnite
Oregon: Dinosaur
Pennsylvania: Fortnite
Rhode Island: Fortnite
South Carolina: Fortnite
South Dakota: Spider-Man
Tennessee: Fortnite
Texas: Fortnite
Utah: Unicorn
Virginia: Fortnite
Vermont: Monster
Washington: Fortnite
Wisconsin: Fortnite
West Virginia: Fortnite
Wyoming: Fortnite

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