All the Costumes That Went Viral This Year

Just because you're too old to trick-or-treat doesn't mean you're too old for Halloween. Everyone can appreciate a good Halloween costume, even the lazy ones that are clever enough to get a smile. (Looking at you, Justin Trudeau.) 

However, the best of the best always rise to the top (of social media). Whether they're insanely elaborate or the kind of meme-come-to-life costume that could only be worn this year. Here are the costumes that were shared over and over on social media this year. 

Kids in NASA costumes are always a hit. 

It's not quite as good as his "Thriller" costume, but P.K. Subban put together an A+ costume as he always does. 

Like Subban, paralympian Josh Sundquist puts together a killer costume every year.

There are always those folks who will dress as a fidget spinner or some meme that will firmly root their costume as a product of this one year.

Mundane costumes made sexy are a generally horrible Halloween staple. Remember Ken Bone? Remember sexy Ken Bone? Sexy Slimer takes this to a new level, though.

Neil Patrick Harris has a history of putting together amazing family costumes. This year was no exception. 

Trick or Freaks! Halloween photo outtakes. So much fun. @nph

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"Just because you're listening to him doesn't mean you're hearing him."

A costume wearing a costume is next level.

Occasionally the location can make a costume rise above how good it is. Being in space makes this one reach new heights.

Pennywise was popular, but the Golden Balloon award for best Pennywise costume goes to a preschooler.

This is eerily perfect.

And then some people set an impossibly high standard.

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