These Are the Majors That Give You the Best Chance of Landing a Job

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College and crippling debt go together like Westworld and confusion. (Americans now owe more than $1.5 trillion in student debt.) So, what are the majors that most frequently land graduates a job? The team at 24/7 Wall Street has attempted to answer that question using data from the US Census Bureau to hone in on the college majors with the lowest unemployment rates in the United States. 

The decision of what to major in -- if that decision isn't already behind you -- is complicated. You take many factors into consideration, including your skills and interests. But it's worth factoring in which majors are helping graduates find jobs, hopefully in their desired field. Though, don't let that throw you off of drama or linguistics if it's your passion. (Both rank among the majors with the highest unemployment rates.)

The list is all over the place, though most of the majors are STEM/STEAM related. The majors range from nursing to oceanography, but inside the top 10, there is one topic that resurfaces. Agriculture. There are three agricultural majors listed inside the top 10, two of which are in the top-five average salaries for the below group of 10.

Here's what 24/7 Wall Street found. 

10. Mathematics teacher education
Unemployment: 1.6%
Average salary: $35,245

9. Agriculture production and management
Unemployment: 1.6%
Average salary: $67,107

8. Nursing
Unemployment: 1.6%
Average salary: $54,263

7. Computer programming and data processing
Unemployment: 1.5%
Average salary: $51,762

6. Genetics
Unemployment: 1.4%
Average salary: $80,497

5. Zoology
Unemployment: 1.4%
Average salary: $89,562

4. Mechanical engineering related technologies
Unemployment: 1.2%
Average salary: $76,009

3. General agriculture
Unemployment: 1.2%
Average salary: $48,540

2. Oceanography
Unemployment: 0.8%
Average salary: $56,147

1. Agricultural economics
Unemployment: 0.4%
Average salary: $74,817

Take a look at the full report to see the top 25 majors, as well as data about the number of people in each field who get a master's degree and the total number of  BA holders who are in the labor force for each major.

h/t 24/7 Wall Street

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