Here's Everything the Most Successful People Do According to This New Meme


If you're in dire need of advice, there's no reason to check out a self-help book anymore. We have Twitter now, where strangers spew out unsolicited advice pretty much nonstop on every aspect of what you should feel, think, and do. But sometimes a post still manages to stand out from the endless stream of pointers, and the entire Twitter community bands together to ridicule as one. 

Like last week, when Twitter user @APompliano listed the qualities and actions of the "most successful people" he's ever met. It featured things like "reading constantly" and "constantly work to improve" -- hard to object to those things in themselves, but something about the tone apparently rubbed the hivemind the wrong way. A new meme was born.

It could have been the post's resemblance to the "by the time you're 35" meme, or maybe it was just classic Twitter pettiness, or maybe lists like these really are just funny. But people showed up with parody tweets. And plenty of them. And they were glorious.    

First people pushed back on the idea of success and what it takes to achieve it.  

But the whole thing inevitably devolved into song lyric quotes. 

And then this one, which is honest, dark, and irrelevant -- but in a delightful way. 

With all this advice in mind, we're sure you're bound for a more successful and fulfilling life. It doesn't seem entirely coincidental that Pompliano tweeted yesterday that he was stepping away from Twitter for a little while, but it could be that stepping away from Twitter was the missing 10th item on the list all along.

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