The Best Nude Beaches in the World, as Ranked by Experts

A new ranking named the best spots where you can skip the tan lines and embrace sand chafe.

Depending on a number of your personal beliefs, you might not gel with the following sentence: "It is my divine right to be naked at the beach." But, that is my personal truth, okay? I want to be as naked as a jaybird, every inch of my soft and pale flesh exposed to the coarse sand and the hot sun and the salty sea. Sure, showering later will be a bit interesting, but it's not like my Brazilian-cut bikini bottoms were protecting my bits too well anyways. For a wide number of reasons, going to a nude beach is delightful—even tan lines, the shedding of a final layer of humility that puts you in touch with your more primal element, risque IG pictures, packing lighter.

There's also this iconic scene from the USA series Monk, which may capture some people's overall hesitancy for going au naturale, but captures my general enthusiasm for the idea:

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Swimwear brand Pour Moi has done the hard work of evaluating the world's nude beaches and sussing out the world's 20 best ones.

According to the company, the metrics used to arrive at this ranking relied on Google review data at beaches where nude sunbathing is allowed, including average review score and the overall number of reviews. 

Below, a ranking of the best nude beaches, with locations both international and domestic, based on this analysis:
1. Haulover Beach Park - Miami, USA
2. Praia de Tambaba - JoĂŁo Pessoa, Brazil
3. Red Beach - Santorini, Greece
4. Patara Beach - Patara, Turkey
5. Playa de Los Muertos - AlmerĂ­a, Spain
6. Playa Zipolite - Oaxaca, Mexico
7. Es Trenc - Mallorca, Spain
8. Praia Do AbricĂł - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9. Banana Beach - Skiathos, Greece
10. Paradise Beach - Mykonos, Greece
11. Piscinas Beach - Sardinia, Italy
12. Playa de Maspalomas - Gran Canaria, Spain
13. Vecaki Beach - Riga, Latvia
14. Porto Ferro Beach - Sardinia, Italy
15. Wannsee - Berlin, Germany
16. Baker Beach - San Francisco, USA
17. Playa de Ses Illetes - Formentera, Spain
18. Hanlan's Point Beach - Toronto Islands, Canada
19. Rowy Beach - Poland
20. Playalinda Beach - Florida, USA

Looking to try this out? My tip? Don't go nakey on the Florida beaches where there are reports of flesh-eating bacteria hiding out in the massive blobs of seaweed. That seems like a problem even the largest tub of aloe vera couldn't fix.

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