There's Actually an Ideal Number of Sexual Partners to Have


Is 7,351 sexual partners one too many? It's actually 7,341 too many. But also, high five, and yes you should probably get an STD check.

According to a recent study, the ideal number of sexual partners is, drumroll please...10. Sorry, 100-lays guy. You're not ideal. I guess this game works like the Showcase Showdown?

Conducted by, a dating site for people looking to be illicit, a.k.a, cheat on their spouses., the study surveyed 1,000 alleged cheaters and asked what would be their ideal partner's magic number. For both men and women, the winner was 10 notches on the headboard. The study referred to this as the "Goldilocks" number, meaning it's not too experienced, and not too inexperienced. It's juuuuuuust right. Also, Goldilocks is now weirdly sexual. You're welcome.

The study also shows that men care slightly more than women about their partner's sexual history. Only 9% of men said that 11-15 sexual partners was ideal (compared to 12% of women). Likewise, only 4% of men chose 16-20 lovers as ideal (compared to 7% of women). In addition, when asked if they wanted to know their partner's magic number, or just keep that in the "let's not go there" category, 35% of women said they wanted to know, while 65% said they'd rather not find out. Comparably, 30% of men wanted to know, and 70% said they'd rather not find out.

Moral of the story? Lie. Something the members of probably know plenty about.

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