The Best Reactions to President Obama's Farewell Address

Obama Farewell Address
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Tuesday in Chicago, President Barack Obama gave his final public address as President of the United States. 

His farewell address covered the achievements of his tenure, challenges, a call for the nation to embrace its diversity, and a powerful plea for citizens of any political persuasion to get involved in the political process.

As the end of the speech approached, he also had a touching moment acknowledging the role of Michelle Obama and his daughters in his life.

He also made a moving tribute to his bromance with Vice President Joe Biden that ended in Biden being as Biden as he could be.

The full speech can be viewed in the video above starting at the 5:43 mark. 

Below, take a look at some of the best responses across the internet as the speech took place.

Are they still looking to cast True Detective Season 3?

And then there was the moment that touched everyone watching. The President ended by talking about his wife, kids, and BFF.

The whole Biden situation reminded an incredible number of people of this tweet.

Though the family moment was touching, the internet was a bit miffed as to why Sasha wasn't at the speech. No one had an explanation.

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