Here Are the 10 Best Startups to Work For Right Now


When you graduate college with your questionably applicable degree in Mesopotamian literature, it's hard to envision a career-track at a vaunted startup. But the Ubers and WeWorks of the world are always looking to expand their empires with employees willing to do their corporate bidding. So if your impromptu career as a cruise line singer doesn't pan out, you can always consult LinkedIn's new rankings of the country's top startups, which might provide a decent blueprint of where to kickstart your career. Or at least who has the best office snacks. 

Similarly to the professional networking site's other reports, LinkedIn examined "the billions of actions of LinkedIn’s more than 500 million members to determine employee growth," and also looked at "job seeker interest via views and applications," to crunch its data. To be eligible to make the cut, "companies must be 10 years old or younger, have at least 100 employees, remain independent and privately held and have at least one round of venture-backed funding," according to the report

The list of the ten highest-rated startups to work for is listed below:

10. Convoy
9. Houzz
8. Dropbox
7. Rubrik
6. NIO
5. Slack
4. Lyft
3. WeWork
2. Airbnb
1. Uber

Calling Uber a startup at this point is almost gratuitously comical. The list leading company, which has been no stranger to drawing controversy and recently saw the ouster of its founding CEO, is currently inching toward an $100 billion valuation and boasts something near 16,000 employees across the world. Still, the company tops LinkedIn's list based on employee satisfaction and popularity on the website. 

Heading down the list, there's a glut of software companies and household names in Silicon Valley, such as Lyft, Airbnb, WeWork, Slack, and NIO, a Shanghai-based autonomous automaker. The moral of the story is, even if you're just looking for an internship, you might want to learn how to code, because tech companies are flush with money and perks. And also snacks. Never forget the snacks. 

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