A New Study Just Named the Best (and Worst) States for Camping

Location matters, even out in nature.

As someone who was forced to camp on a military base with my family in Florida in July 2009, I can tell you for a fact: not all campsites are created equal. Some, for instance, are in Satan's armpit (the Florida Panhandle) with gravel lots and a booming population of mosquitos. A study from lawn care company LawnLove.com evaluated campsites in all 50 states, based on 25 different metrics.

Based on their findings, the below states were rated best for camping in 2023:
1. California
2. Washington
3. Texas
4. Florida
5. New York

California came in first, with many campsites with access, quality, and space off the beaten path. In second place is Washington, which also offers similar perks but scores a bit lower in access and quality.

Obviously, my personal experience in Florida contradicts what Lawn Love's study found. Florida ranked particularly high in affordability and came in second in access. I can definitely vouch for that second part. There are tons and tons of campsites in Florida.

The five worst states for camping based on this study were determined to be:
46. North Dakota
47. Rhode Island
48. Louisiana
49. Nevada
50. Mississippi

Do you agree with this ranking? Is there a state that should be ranked higher or lower?

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