This Map Reveals the Best & Worst States for Jobs in 2018

Finding a job is never fun. In fact, it's about as fun as paying taxes or leaving the shower, so you should make it easier on yourself: Make sure you're looking in the right place. Lucky for you, WalletHub has just released a study that will tell you where to look.

The study breaks down the best states for jobs in 2018 by surveying the local job market and economic environment. This is done by rating 29 indicators -- like market strength, opportunity, and a healthy economy -- out of 100. Based on those, the states got an overall score out of 100, which was then compiled in an overall ranking. 

Before we get to the actual ranking, check out this handy map from WalletHub that'll a snapshot of the job market (the darker the state, the better the prospects). 

Here are the top 10:

10. Texas
9. Florida
8. Massachusetts
7. Vermont
6. Tennessee
5. New Hampshire
4. Utah
3. Minnesota
2. Colorado
1. Washington

Here are the bottom 10:

10. Wyoming
9. North Carolina
8. New Mexico
7. Alaska
6. Alabama
5. Pennsylvania
4. Louisiana
3. Kentucky
2. Mississippi
1. West Virginia

Washington came in at No. 1 overall, taking the top spot for economic environment and coming at No. 7 for job market. It also has the second highest average starting salary, so Washington is a good bet if you want to not only find a job, but find one that pays well.

Just behind that is Colorado, which also made the top five for job opportunities, employment growth, average starting salary, unemployment rate, and median annual income. Which might make it more impressive than Washington. You'll also be living in a truly beautiful place among outdoorsy young people, so Colorado sounds more appealing than ever.

The bottom 10 brought bad news for the South and Appalachia. West Virginia came in last, making the bottom five for job opportunities, unemployment, and lowest median annual income. Job opportunities and unemployment were particular problems for the region. But Alaska also made the bottom 10 with long hours and the fewest job opportunities, highest unemployment, and second lowest average salary. But if you were looking to Alaska for work, you were probably looking in the wrong place. Plenty of bears, though. 

To learn more about the breakdowns state by state, and see the overall ranking of the states, check WalletHub's full study.

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