Feds Suggest Keeping Your Thermostat at 78 During the Day, 82 at Night & Everyone's Laughing

Are you in the know about the lizard people? Did you laugh when a “conspirator” suggested to you that Reptilian humanoids are walking this Earth, gaining political power, and manipulating the human species right under our scaleless noses? Well, to all who deny the fact that cold-blooded creatures are controlling our society, you’re in for a shock when you hear this: Energy Star, a government-run program that promotes energy efficiency, recently recommended the coolest temperature we should set on our thermostat is 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Alrighty, I don’t actually believe in the lizard people thing, and I'm sorry if this is a bit on the nose for the times we're living in, but… 78 DEGREES?!! Are American citizens not civilized, temperature regulating humanoids? And that’s arguably not the craziest recommendation from the organization. Here’s the full thing, per the official Energy Star site:
• 78° F when you’re home
• 85° F when you’re at work or away
• 82° F when you’re sleeping

 As you can imagine, Twitter has some issues with this:

And what do the lizard people have to say, you ask?

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Ruby Anderson is not not not not not not a lizard person.