The Best Things About the US According to People Who Aren't From the US

best things about the united states
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One Reddit thread is determined to inject a little kindness to international relations where it has lately been sparse. The thread has asked "non-American Redditors" to share what they find most alluring about the United States. And, really, the results are a heartening look at what the country does well.

For instance, have you stopped to appreciate the majesty of Choco Tacos lately? You're getting spoiled.

Here's a look at some of the best responses. 

This one is dead on. US national parks and national monuments are outstanding. The awe-inspiring lands are absolutely worth protecting. (And they're even free every now and then.)

Pictures aren't capable of doing it justice. 

This is an undeniable fact. Have you ever driven through Wisconsin?

This is only debatably a good thing.

Soccer fans outside the U.S. might take issue with this one. 

Choco Tacos are a national treasure. 

Other outstanding answers include "Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice," "food delivery," and the ability to do massive road trips via car. Read all of the occasionally odd responses here

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