The Time to Book Your Spring Break Vacation Is Right Now

Take advantage of the lowest prices you'll likely encounter for spring 2024 travel.

While Mariah Carey's Christmas anthem is still playing in every department store and lights and decorations still adorn front porches, travel experts actually advise you to shake your head out of winter wonderland and start thinking about spring. A new report from Club Wyndham shared with Thrillist revealed that 20% of bookings made in 2023 were for March 2024.

It's already widely known that booking in advance can save you a fair bit of money. According to advice from the travel experts over at Going, the best time to book travel falls into the "Goldilocks Window." That is the period of time that's not too soon or too late (i.e. "just right," like in the children's story). This window is where you are likely to find the best price on accommodations and flights. With so many people already booking their March 2024 travel, getting your plans and tickets in place now can help you avoid losing out on cheaper price options.

For domestic travel, that typically ranges between three and six months in advance, and for international travel, that's between four and eight months in advance. Right now, in mid-December, we're four months from March. That's right within the window for both domestic and international bookings. Even as "revenge travel" drops in popularity, the demand for 2024 is still expected to be "robust." That means we can also expect robust pricing from airlines who know customers who will be willing to spend more for travel.

Data from Club Wyndham also reveals a few more details about what to expect when you're booking holiday travel. Predictably, nearly half of all bookings were made for beach destinations in 2024. Top locations were in the Southeast US, with Orlando, Daytona Beach, Clearwater Beach, Pompano Beach, and Panama City Beach in Florida being the most popular, as well as Myrtle Beach in South Carolina leading bookings.

There's a bit more we can glean from these booking trends, in order to help save some money when you're making your own travel plans. We know that popular locations often mean an increase in prices—so, if you can, consider alternate options to the places everyone else plans on going to. For Florida, consider some of these beautiful beaches off the beaten path. For South Carolina, check out some alternative beach options.

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