The Best U.S. Cities for Remote Workers in 2023 Ranked in a New Study just released a new ranking that wannabe digital nomads need to see.

With life slowly and seemingly getting back to normal after the pandemic's impact on our social and professional lives, offices around the country are starting to call workers back to their physical desks. However, not everybody is ready to give up that sweet work from home lifestyle, and if your job allows you to maintain a flexible schedule, you don't have to say goodbye to it.

Some places, though, are better than others for remote work. Luckily for you, the team at sat down and analyzed cities across the countries to come up with the ultimate list of the most remote work-friendly cities in the US for digital nomads.

To come up with the results, ranked the different digital nomad hotspots on seven different factors, including average download speed mean, number of free Wi-Fi hotspots, percentage of available remote-friendly jobs, average monthly rent cost per square foot, miles from the nearest airport, miles from the nearest national park, average annual temperature, and number of state recreation areas.

Atlanta snagged the first spot, and it is partially thanks to its below-average average rent per square foot. Compared to NYC, where rents are infamously high and they currently stand at $6.39 monthly rent per square foot average, Atlanta flaunts a monthly rent per square foot of $1.94. Additionally, on average, Wi-Fi speed runs over 100 Mbps, and there are over 140 public hotspots. What really makes the city stand out, though, is that there are many remote jobs available, and the average temperature is just nice.

On the second spot, instead, is Portland, Oregon, which wins the silver medal thanks to its incredibly vast outdoors. With 234 state recreational areas and Mount Rainier National Park, the city is ideal for those who wish to surround themselves with nature also when they're working. Plus, the Wi-Fi has really good speed there, and there are over 150 hotspots.

Digital nomads looking for more intense city vibes, instead, can head over to Austin, which ranked third on the list. The city flaunts an airport nearby for those who wish to be constantly on the move, and it has 123 state recreational areas with many spots to explore. More generally, Texas seems to be somewhat of a digital nomad paradise, and three of its cities made the top 10 on the list, including Austin (#3), Houston (#7), and Dallas (#8).

Take a look a the top 10 best US cities for digital nomads in 2023:

1. Atlanta
2. Portland, Oregon
3. Austin
4. Seattle
5. Phoenix
6. Houston
7. Dallas
8. Chicago
9. Las Vegas
10. San Francisco

To take a look at the complete report, you can visit this website.

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