These Are the Best US Cities for Young People

Girl in Brooklyn, New York

If you’re young and hip, you probably want to hang out in a city beloved by young, hip people like yourself. Well, then move to Philly, hipster.

Apartment hunting site Abodo surveyed 2,000 people all born between 1982 and 1998 to determine the absolute best cities for millennials, Survey respondents were asked to identify the aspects of city life most important to them, and then asked to name their "dream cities." After examining the survey results, Abodo ranked the top 20 millennial "dream cities" according to factors identified as important to young people, like a thriving job market, affordable rent, hiking trails, and local restaurants, among others.

Philadelphia, PA met 95% of millennial needs, crowning it the absolute best. Following Philly, Boston, Washington, DC, New York, Portland, and Seattle met 90% of criteria.

Interestingly, nearly 20% of young survey respondents named New York City their "dream city." But when all was taken into consideration, it just didn't quite stack up to Philly.

Check out the full list of best cities for young people below, and then move to Philadelphia while you're still young.

6. Pittsburgh, Orlando, Atlanta – 70%
5. San Diego, Miami, Denver, Dallas, Columbus, Austin – 75%
4. Los Angeles, Houston – 80%
3. San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago – 85%
2. Seattle, Portland, New York City, Washington, DC, Boston – 90%
1. Philadelphia – 95%

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