Here Are the Best & Worst States for Singles in 2021

Dating sucks everywhere, but some places have it a bit easier.

It's hard being single, especially in a pandemic. Dating is stranger than ever, finances are tougher than ever, opportunities for fun are at an all-time low. Still, we power on, and while it might be too late to couple up before cuffing season ends, it's never too early to start boo-shopping for next year.

Of course, where you live might play a role in your romantic success, which is why personal finance site WalletHub crunched some numbers to figure out which states will be the most promising for singles this year.

Three main criteria were used to compile the ranking: dating opportunities, dating economics, and romance & fun. Here's what WalletHub discovered:

The 10 Best States for Singles in 2021

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Pennsylvania
4. Wisconsin
5. New York
6. Illinois
7. California
8. Ohio
9. Michigan
10. Missouri

The 10 Worst States for Singles in 2021

41. Mississippi
42. Alaska
43. Wyoming
44. Kentucky
45. Delaware
46. Arkansas
47. Hawaii
48. North Dakota
49. West Virginia
50. New Mexico

The interactive map below shows where each state falls on the dateability scale. Hover over each state and its rank will pop up—the bluer the state, the better its standing.

When you break states down by specific criteria, the ranking looks a bit different.

For example, Utah—which ranked 17th overall—is the best state in terms of dating economics and mobile-dating opportunities, yet it has the lowest share of single adults. New York—which ranked fifth overall—scored highest in the romance & fun category and second-highest for dating opportunities, but it placed last for economics.

At the end of the day, singles can find success anywhere, but if you're really desperate after almost a year of the pandemic, consider this a resource.

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