Here’s How to Make $1,000 for Watching 'Friends'

Or, how to make $22 an hour sitting on the sofa.

A still from the TV show "Friends" depicts Monica, Rachel, and Chandler sitting on a sofa.

The Friends gang worked all manner of jobs across food service, wellness, fashion, advertising, academia, and the television arts to be able to afford their fabulous, unrealistic NYC apartments, frequent trips to the cafe, and hairless cats. You, however, can earn some extra cash just by watching their antics from home.

College and university information/ranking site Best Value Schools will pay five Friends aficionados $1,000 each to watch the first five seasons of the famed sitcom, according to Travel + Leisure. Those 44 hours and 19 minutes of ‘90s (and a little early 2000s) comedy gold shake out to about $22.04 an hour. Probably not Days of Our Lives actor money, but at least you won’t have to tweeze your leg through a hole in your pants to make yourself cry.

To apply, fill out this application, including a section where you must explain, in 200 words, why you are the best viewer for the job. Unlike some other recent “dream job,” listings, you must also show “how (and where) you will share your experience on social media,” so make sure to update all those old dormant handles now.

If chosen, you’ll be required to watch the 121 episodes and rank them online. For your trouble, you’ll score a Central Perk mug, tumblr, logo t-shirt, “Friends tv show watching fleece blanket” that you can presumably use in other scenarios, too, and a $100 DoorDash gift card in addition to the $1,000. One extra-lucky person will also nab all 10 seasons on Blu-ray.

To be considered, you must apply by March 31. Those selected will be notified about a week later.

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