These Are the Best and Worst Cities for College Basketball in 2017

Published On 03/12/2017 Published On 03/12/2017
Best College Basketball Cities

If you put it to a vote, the competition for the best college basketball city would be fierce. Or at least, it'd be full of a lot of yelling and contested results. There are a few cities in Indiana that would instantly claim the ownership of the title. As would hubs like Los Angeles, Lexington, and Louisville, as well as smaller cities like Chapel Hill, Lawrence, and West Point.

No matter how contentious the arguments might be, WalletHub has endeavored to find an answer. To do this, they compared 291 cities in the United States using seven metrics, which include the total number of teams per city, winning percentage, stadium capacity, season ticket prices, stadium accessibility, and fan engagement. 

Source: WalletHub

Topping the list is Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where the ceiling is the roof. Behind the Tar Heels, the top 10 includes, in order, Los Angeles, California; Durham, North Carolina; Bloomington, Indiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; East Lansing, Michigan; Lawrence, Kansas; Lexington, Kentucky; Storrs, Connecticut; and Cullowhee, North Carolina.

Bringing up the rear at no. 291 is New Britain, Connecticut. Sorry, everyone in New Britain.

To discover exactly why you're already griping about the ranking, you can see the full list of 291 teams, plus breakdowns by category, as well as a Q&A with their panel of experts here. At their site, they also break down the list into separate rankings by large cities (Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Lexington, and New York City comprise the top four there), medium-sized cities (Durham, Norman, Ann Arbor, Cincinnati), and small cities (Chapel Hill, Bloomington, East Lansing, Lawrence). 

While the whole thing is inevitably going to upset residents of 290 cities, there's always the tournament to make you feel better about everything. 

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