Beyoncé of Nazareth Reveals Her Pizza of Choice

Published On 10/21/2015 Published On 10/21/2015

If you haven't heard of Beyoncé, you're a filthy liar who deserves nothing less than a prolonged caning. In a recent interview with BEAT Magazine, the omnipotent (and possibly immortal) being disclosed her pizza preference to an audience of drooling, ogling Beybies—wait, what are Beyoncé fans called?

Anyway, "Extra tomato sauce and jalapeños" is her cup of tea when that "cup of tea" is literally dough, cheese, and sauce. I personally can't speak to the deliciousness of pizza with extra sauce and jalapeños, but I've learned to generally never go against an opinion when it belongs to Beyoncé. "Sorry" won't make my clawed-out eyes grow back. 

Additionally, as First We Feast points out, Jay Z and Bey have been known to scarf down pies at Lucali in Brooklyn every Sunday. If you hear an order for extra sauce and jalapeños, well, now you know who it's for.

(h/t: FirstWeFeast)


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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and likes his pizza like he likes his jokes: cheesy.



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