This Twitter Account Predicted All the Crazy Sh*t That Happened in 2016

In 2016, the established consensus on everything was basically defied. Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. The United Kingdom left European Union in the Brexit phenomenon. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series after an 108-year championship drought.

If last year was unpredictable to anyone with thoughts and opinions, it certainly wasn’t to @Beyoncefan666, a Twitter account that predicted many of 2016’s mind-boggling events like a psychic sage. In fact, whoever runs the account had the foresight to predict Beyoncé’s recent pregnancy, which was announced yesterday (she’s having twins).

The predictions aren’t just confined to the Beyoncé orbit, as the account basically narrated the election of Donald Trump faster than anyone predicted, save for maybe this guy. Nate Silver be damned. 

Oh yeah, and Brexit, too, down to the exact percentage the Leave campaign, voted to, um, leave the EU. 

This all begs a question: Who is this fair psychic wizard of the Twitterverse? Although it seems like an oracle, @Beyoncefan666 is probably just a savvy manipulator of the news-cycle and Twitter privacy settings, according to The Guardian. In a post meant to debunk the mystique of @Beyoncefan666, the publication explains: “You just need to tweet different possibilities before the fact, and delete the ones which don’t go your way.”

So basically, If you send off a flurry of tweets that make wild predictions about certain things, and only delete the ones that are incorrect, you’ll probably look like a psychic. It’s likely that @BeyonceFan666 went this route, and probably had the account set to “Private,” while it made wild predictions about current events that somehow wound up being true. Other psychic accounts which have gone this route were later debunked by amateur internet detectives. 

But still, the whole Beyoncé pregnancy thing was a little weird. The account also predicted the news last July, which is some next-level clairvoyance. If this account is still predicting things like a mystic with a crystal ball by next year, then it’s probably safe to say that @Beyoncefan666 is God, or at least Yoda, or something.

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