Beyond Meat Is Releasing Plant-Based Chicken Strips in Restaurants This Week

Yet another item added to Beyond's stable of plant-based meat alternatives.

beyond meat chicken tenders
Photo courtesy of Beyond Meat

Plant-based chicken substitutes aren't entirely new, even if they haven't become as ubiquitous as plant-based burgers quite yet. Morningstar Farms has had plant-based chicken patties for a while, as well as chicken tenders that were released more recently, and KFC is serving Beyond's fried chicken, to name just a couple of options. 

Beyond Meat is launching Beyond Chicken Tenders. Starting July 8, you'll be able to find the breaded tenders at restaurants across the US. For now, you won't find them at the grocery store. 

Beyond says that the plant-based tenders were developed to "look, cook, and taste like traditional chicken tenders." It's a logical next step for the company as the demand for chicken continues to be high across the US. (And not just during the Super Bowl.)

The new tenders have 14 grams of protein per serving, are cholesterol-free, and have "40% less saturated fat than the leading foodservice chicken tender," per Beyond. Though if the full nutritional facts are like the burgers, a couple of marketable numbers doesn't exactly make it a salad. Still, the company's use of pea protein has made it a more sustainable alternative to meat, according to an analysis of its burgers by the University of Michigan. Now, you might not have to order off the kids' menu if you're looking for some dippable chicken strips at your local restaurant.

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