Biden Knows America's Airports Suck and Promises to Make Them Better

"Today, not a single, solitary American airport—not one—ranks in the top 25 of the world," Biden said.

If I had a dollar for every joke I've made about John F. Kennedy International Airport being a terrible place, I might just have enough money to give that airport the update it so desperately needs. The state of JFK, and the rest of this country's airports, hasn't been lost on President Joe Biden. In a press conference on Monday, Biden congratulated the progress that New York's LaGuardia airport has made, while lamenting the rest.

"Today, not a single, solitary American airport—not one—ranks in the top 25 of the world," Biden said, according to The Points Guy. "What the hell is the matter with us?"

Biden acknowledged that it's not just an aesthetic issue—airports are also further complicating the already messy process of flying. "It means crowded gates, longer taxi times, airplanes full of passengers just waiting, all of which is causing congestion and flight delays," Biden continued.

Boston Logan International Airport is one of the first airports that will benefit from Biden's attention on improving the nation's airports. The airport will be renovated with funding supplied by the 2021 Infrastructure Bill.

"Through the infrastructure law, we're investing $62 million here at Logan. It's the largest grant for airport terminals in the country thus far. And one of the largest federal investments and airports ever," said Biden, according to WCVB 5.

In total, 85 airports across the country will benefit from $1 billion in funding for improvements.

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