This Bidet Ad Contains an Unbelievable Number of Butt Euphemisms

Look out below! A buttload of derrière euphemisms are about to get dropped on your face.

Toto -- not the dog or the band, but a Japanese manufacturer of wash closet fixtures -- is coming stateside and offloading a bevy of butt lingo in a commercial advertising its Washlet bidet. The company is kind of going the Squatty Potty route with an insane commercial hoping you might start washing your butt more frequently. (Given, it's a little less crazy than Squatty Potty. They don't serve feces on an ice cream cone to children.)

In Japan, more than 80% of homes have bidets, according to Toto. In the US, that number is around 1%. They want to change that through this clever ad and a showroom where you can take their underside super soaker for a spin.

A faux spokesman with a very long hose (not a euphemism) is hoping to convince Americans to clean their dumper by wandering around his home spraying things that could be euphemisms for your donkey. He sprays a pirate's booty, a poster of Uranus, a full moon, and a shadow (where the sun doesn't shine). It even gets into territory you might not be familiar with, like your salt shaker, your porridge storage, and your balloon knot.

[h/t AdWeek]

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