The Las Vegas Experiences That Aren't Worth It, According to Millions of Reviews

With so much to do in Sin City, you don't want to waste your time on so-so shows and experiences.

Whether you're into football, racing, Usher, dining experiences, or good old fashioned fun, Las Vegas is the place to be in 2024. The city is rapidly transforming from a place known for gambling, showgirls, and bachelor trips to a place that has all of that plus a sizable slice of the nation's biggest sporting and entertainment events.

But even as Usher's residency drew in new visitors and longtime patrons of the male revues Vegas is known for, all the growth means that some of the new things to do in Vegas are more gimmick than fun. And while it can be fun to take part in a bit of gaming at the slot machines, a much less exciting bet to lose is paying for an experience, only to find out it's not worth the time or money you've sunk into it.

To save you time and money on your next trip to Vegas, went through more than 1.5 million reviews left on Tripadvisor for popular Vegas shows, resorts, and restaurants to determine which ones were the biggest letdowns. The researchers for used the keywords "scam," "rip-off," "waste," and "misleading" to find the negative reviews, and made sure that no duplication of keywords were used in one person's review. The data was gathered and analyzed in February 2024 and shared exclusively with Thrillist.

Based on those 1.5 million reviews, these were the attractions considered to be the biggest "scams" in Las Vegas. The top 10 includes a mix of resorts, restaurants, and shows. Note that some attractions are tied for their respective position in the ranking.
1. Blue Man Group
2. Minus5 ICEBAR
3. Bluegreen Vacations Club 36
4 (tied). Pampas Las Vegas
4 (tied). Criss Angel MINDFREAK
5. Saltgrass Steak House
6. Penn & Teller
7. Jockey Club
8 (tied). Circus Circus Buffet
8 (tied). Bacchanal Buffet
8 (tied). Club Wyndham Grand Desert

Here are the biggest "scams" broken down by category. First up, the top five resorts considered to be a "scam," or "waste" basest on reviews:
1. Bluegreen Vacations Club 36
2. Jockey Club
3. Club Wyndham Grand Desert
4. Hilton Vacation Club Cancun Resort
5 (tied). Golden Nugget Hotel
5 (tied). Palms Casino Resort

These are the top five shows considered to be a "scam" or "waste," according to reviews:
1. Blue Man Group
2. Criss Angel Mindfreak
3. Penn & Teller
4. Ka by Cirque du Soleil
5. Jabbawockeez

These are the top five restaurants and bars considered to be a "scam" or "waste," according to reviews:
1. Minus5 ICEBAR
2. Pampas Las Vegas
3. Saltgrass Steak House
4 (tied). Circus Circus Buffet
4 (tied). Bacchanal Buffet

That's not to say these places are 100% not worth your time—it's just that if you are weighing out what to do with limited time in Vegas, it helps to know that some experiences have been much less popular than others. Want some Las Vegas recommendations that definitely aren't scams or waste? Check out Thrillist's comprehensive coverage of Las Vegas, including weekend guides, where to see the Sphere, how to find the city's hidden gems, and all the fun you can have on and off the Strip.

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