Bill Murray Is Slinging Drinks at a Brooklyn Bar This Weekend

Bill Murray bartends
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If you have a huge desire — like everyone else — to find yourself involved in one of those seemingly implausible stories where Bill Murray just shows up somewhere and makes everything better than it was, your chance is coming. Murray will be bartending at 21 Greenpoint in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood on Saturday starting at 7pm. 

There isn't a cover. There isn't going to be entertainment. He's just slinging drinks in honor of the restaurant's opening. It's owned by his son Homer Murray, who told Eater, "We want people to come and have fun. People can walk in; just be nice."

21 Greenpoint stands in the same place as Homer and partner Syd Silver's last spot, River Styx. "We wanted to change it up," says Homer. "We made it prettier, renovated the dining room, added a new bar, and updated the kitchen. Additionally, the menu will be a little more upscale with a focus on seasonal options and sourcing from local farms.

While your bartender is Bill Murray, your bartender is not actually a bartender. So if you go, you'll probably want to stick to some simple things and be prepared to be handed a beer when you ask for something fancy.

"What my dad lacks in experience," Homer says, "he makes up for in tequila." That's a problem that most people will learn to live with. 

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