Photos Capture Bill Murray Eating a Stranger's French Fries Because He's Bill Murray

Getty Images

By now, you've probably heard the crazy tale about how Bill Murray swiped a stranger's McDonald's french fries and simply walked away yelling "Nobody will ever believe you." Well, it looks like the legendary actor turned eccentric hamburglar has struck again, but this time, there's photographic evidence. 

As explained in a report by Vanity Fair, a Reddit user that goes by Sonowthatimhere claims that Murray casually walked up to their table at the Martha's Vineyard Airport restaurant, grabbed a french fry from a complete stranger's plate, and popped it into his mouth without comment this past Saturday. While the bizarre incident, like the famous story before it, is indeed hard to believe, Sonowthatimhere also posted two photos that appear to catch Murray in the act:

As the witness goes on to explain in the Reddit post comments, Murray's sly fry thievery "[g]ave everyone in the restaurant a good laugh," you know, because he's freaking Bill Murray. However, Murray did not go so far as to dip the fry in any sort of sauce before eating it, in case you were wondering. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the new photographic proof has inspired at least one other Bill Murray french fry snatching victims to come forward. As one commenter said, “He did this to me at In & Out in Burbank 4 years ago. No one believed me. This post is my own proof that he does in fact do this.” 

Well, there you have it, folks. Bill Murray is out there and no french fry is safe.

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