You Can Rent Your Own (Affordable) Caribbean Island on Airbnb Now

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Living your best James Bond villain life just got a helluva lot easier. All you have to do is book yourself a spot in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Belize. It's called Bird Island, and it's remarkably available for rental on Airbnb.

"It is a perfect setting for either a romantic get-away for a couple, a family gathering/reunion or for a small group of friends," the listing advertises, also promising exceptional weather almost year-round, as well as a more welcoming ecosystem compared to the spots you could book on land. "You will rarely see any of the notorious sand flies or mosquitoes in Bird Island found in the mainland, it was hand-filled with fine river sand to achieve that objective."

It's located 20 minutes by boat from Placencia Village on the coast of Belize, and its amenities include a private house with a master bedroom with a bed that sleeps two, in addition to a sofa bed that could also sleep two, as well as a separate private cabana that also sports a double bed, meaning you could comfortably fit yourself and five of your best friends onto a private island surrounded by nothing but the sea and the fish. The cost of the trip by boat to the island is also included in your stay.

Once there, the world is your snorkeling trip or kayaking outing. The island is typically surrounded by coral and teeming hordes of fish, if the Airbnb is to be believed, meaning you can swim, kayak, catch your dinner, and lounge at your leisure afterward. It's worth pointing out that its interior is well decorated and the island also has WiFi.

If it sounds like the ultimate spot for a honeymoon, it is, at least according to the reviewers who've left comments. Currently it's going for $595 a night. Check out the Airbnb listing for more info

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