This Guy's Response to an Approaching Bison Herd Was an Inevitable Meme

bison meme
Twitter/Deion Broxton
Twitter/Deion Broxton

Have you ever been on-location reporting when, unexpectedly, a herd of bison interrupts your plans? No? That makes sense. But if it did happen, would you react like this dude? Almost certainly.

Despite being an extraordinary circumstance, there's something immensely universal about Deion Broxton's reaction as he was about to report live from Yellowstone National Park for KTVM, a Montana-based NBC affiliate. In the video, Broxton noticed the massive animals sidling up toward the road and had a hilarious and relatable reaction. It, of course, became a meme in addition to being viewed more than 10 million times.

"Oh, my god. Oh, my god," he says as the bison approach off-screen. "Oh, no. I'm not messing with you."

He gets out of there in a hurry, deciding the gigantic mammals aren't to be tested. While the bison weren't visible in that video, it proved to be such a popular post that he shared their approach in a second video.

The actual video is so good that it's almost better than any meme could hope to be. But that's never stopped anyone before.

The National Park Service, acknowledging how hilarious the video was, says that he reacted perfectly. Don't mess around with bison. They're big and they'll make you wish you got insurance on your rental car. Get in the vehicle, insurance or not, and don't risk your limbs out there with those massive, beautiful animals, you loon.

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