You Can Buy Giant 72-Packs of Pillsbury Halloween Cookies Right Now

Four dozen pumpkins, two dozen ghosts.

Finally, a company read the room and realized nobody goes through just one pack of Pillsbury's fan-favorite holiday sugar cookies. BJ's Wholesale Club now sells an enormous Halloween cookie package that comes with 72 pre-cut circles of dough, and it's not as pricy as you'd imagine.

The bundle contains four dozen pumpkin-themed cookies and two dozen with ghosts, and it's currently going for $6.99. A typical pack contains 24 cookies and costs somewhere between $2.50 and $3.

Six dozen cookies should last a little longer, though it's hard to be sure. People have been waiting for the return of Pillsbury's themed treats since spring, and fans of these things are ravenous.

That makes two of us.

Mhm, the purple ghosts hit different.

You're going to need an activity while you're sitting at home on Halloween night alone dressed as that fly from the debate. Why not bake some cookies? Or eat them raw. That's safe to do now.

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