Vodka Made from Cow's Milk Is Apparently a Thing People Drink Now

The choice drink of Russians as cruel winters clobber the country, vodka is about as far removed from the idea of a bovine animal as a PETA rally, but that hasn’t stopped one man from making a milk-based vodka.

Yes, cow milk vodka is real, and you have dairy farmer Jason Barber to thank for the stomach-turning marvel, which is called Black Cow Vodka.

The beverage is made from a pretty strenuous process, as one would expect the method for turning cow’s milk into vodka would be: First, the milk is separated into curds and whey, with the curds being used to make cheese while the whey is converted into a special milk-beer. Then -- and here’s the mystique belying cow milk vodka -- the milk-beer is put through a secret distillation process that produces the translucent wonder drink.

Predictably, Black Cow Vodka is marketed with a sleek aesthetic, as if the product didn’t once spurt from the udder of a farm animal. That aside, it’s accrued accolades and an estimable place in fancy-pants culinary circles: According to the UK’s Express, the vodka won the gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards, and the verbal plaudits of many a respected food critic.

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Sam Blum drinks tequila and whiskey, and respects the gentle majesty of cattle across the world. Follow him to he barnyard @Blumnessmonster.