U.S. Navy Confirms Videos Posted by Blink-182 Musician Really Do Show UFOs

To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences

ET phone Tom DeLonge of Blink-182, because the US Navy just said the musician was right about UFOs.  That is, a spokesperson for the military division has now said there were definitely “unidentified aerial phenomena" in declassified videos everybody freaked out about over the last few years. 

First thing's first: If you didn't already know, DeLonge is onto something. And no, he's not another celebrity has-been turned flat-earther. DeLonge founded a group called To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA) in order to pursue UFO and extraterrestrial research, and many of his public suspicions have since been confirmed, most notably that there was a multimillion dollar government program dedicated to analyzing “anomalous aerospace threats,” according to the The Washington Post.

Starting in December 2018, the TTSA and The New York Times released videos of supposed UFO sightings. The film, captured using advanced infrared sensors, showed speedy, oval-shaped objects in the sky. 

In the videos shown above, captured in 2015, you can hear US fighter pilots freaking out.

"It's a fucking drone, bro," one says.

"My gosh! They're all going against the wind," says another.

The “unidentified aerial phenomena" confirmation was given to CNN by Navy spokesman Joe Gradisher. He said that the point of navy transparency is to encourage trainees to report "incursions," or invasions, that threaten pilots' safety.

He repeatedly used "UAP" instead of UFO. So do that instead if you want to be a serious conspiracy theorist. 

"For many years, our aviators didn't report these incursions because of the stigma attached to previous terminology and theories about what may or may not be in those videos," he said.

Gradisher says public clips capture just a fraction of the incursions seen on the field... No wonder Tom DeLonge cannot sleep, cannot dream tonight. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.