Now’s a Great Time to Tune Into the Nonstop Bob Ross Marathon on Twitch


If Bob Ross can turn a frown into a blanket of happy little trees reflecting off a shimmering pond, you can too. Or you can just kick back and watch the low-fi magic in action on Twitch, which is streaming every season of throwback public television fave The Joy of Painting. Access the stream and all of its soothing brushstrokes right here (or watch below).

Twitch has been trafficking in Bob Ross nostalgia since 2015, and the latest virtual paint party began on Friday at 12pm EST. It will continue "until further notice," according to the site. At press time, around 1,800 users were watching Bob paint a green blob that was destined to become a marvelous tapestry of foliage. 

This is a free streaming service available on mobile and desktop for the people, and Bob Ross was a man of the people, so Twitch streaming Bob Ross is America's single greatest expression of togetherness at this tough time. Don't miss another second of it, unless you've seen it all... Then try to recreate the Mona Lisa while you take a virtual museum tour of The Louvre. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.