Boeing's New Self-Cleaning Airplane Lavatory Will Make Flying Less Gross

Sometimes, no matter how well you strategically avoid liquids before your flight, you might find yourself having to use the damn airplane lavatory. And while most of these experiences make you want to wash your hands with fire, Boeing has created a new airplane lavatory that automatically cleans itself with UV lights and reduces the surfaces you end up having to touch. Traveling germaphobes, rejoice.

Basically, the new lavatory concept works by flooding all of the exposed surfaces with ultraviolet lights the aerospace giant claims will kill 99.99% of germs and other nastiness leftover from the person before you, according to a press release. As soon as someone leaves the lavatory, a motor will lift the toilet seat so that it's also exposed to the lights and the cleaning cycle will begin. Additionally, the design aims to make your in-flight restroom experience as "touchless" as possible with hands-free faucet, soap dispense, hand dryer, trash flap, and toilet lid. They're even working on adding a hands-free lavatory door.

Boeing also claims the automated sanitation helps reduce that odor that you know all too well if you sit in the back rows, but it doesn't appear to account for when someone makes a mess on the seat, unfortunately. Now, all Boeing has to do is figure out how to implement self-cleaning on the rest of the plane.

h/t The Verge

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