The 'Bomb Cyclone' Is Still Creating Airport Hell in New York

Even though the Bomb Cyclone that unleashed bone-chilling fury on the East Coast landed late Wednesday, it's still thrusting people at New York's JFK Airport into a hellish travel slog several days later. 

Well over 5,000 flights have been cancelled since the storm made landfall on the eastern seaboard, and the consequences are especially dire at JFK, where two planes collided on a runway early Saturday morning. The collision between a Kuwait Airways airliner and a China Southern plane transpired without any injuries, and authorities claim the China Southern aircraft was empty at the time of impact.

Still, the mishap has added to the laborious crush of passengers already stranded at baggage claim awaiting their elusive luggage. Like many others at JFK -- who are basically waiting for deliverance after the myriad cancellations -- the passengers onboard the Kuwait Airways plane were left without a flight, although they've been provided hotel rooms while the carrier sorts out a new trip for them, according to NBC News

As New York's Port Authority explains in a tweet, the China Southern plane was being towed while it's wing struck the Kuwait airliner's tail as it was parked on the tarmac. Both Boeing 777s were damaged in the incident: 

The runway collision notwithstanding, JFK is still an overwhelming mess of lines and stranded passengers, many of whom are tweeting their outrage, basically because they have no other choice. 

Perhaps the most severe consequence of the JFK cluster, many passengers claim they've been stuck on the runways for hours after landing at the airport.  

While the situation at JFK unfolds, it's pretty clear that the Bomb Cyclone will forever live in infamy, even if it was a relatively quick storm. If only the world's major airlines could have seen it coming from space

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