The Giant 'Bomb Cyclone' Blizzard Looks Menacing From Space

If you're anywhere near it, the so-called 'Bomb Cyclone' blizzard and its high winds and unforgiving snow are making for a bad time on the East Coast. Its buzzy name comes from a process called "bombogenesis," which basically means there's been an extreme drop in pressure, but whatever you call it, it's freezing and brutal and probably ruining your day.

If you think less from your own perspective, however, and look at it more broadly, aka from space, you'll see a different side of the storm. Yes, it's still absolutely terrifying, but in a slightly different way.

Here's a view of the storm from that perspective, courtesy NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellites:

You decide whether it's more terrifying from space or from the ground. Either way, it's probably safer to never leave the house again.


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