This Company Will Pay You $500 to Watch Baseball and Eat Hot Dogs

It's MLB season and you can get paid to enjoy it!

We've come to you with all sorts of dream jobs before, sharing details of fun and wacky positions with a solid payout. We've told you how to become the next wine marketer, fist modelNUTmobile driver, binge-watcher, and pumpkin pie taster, among others.

Now that baseball season is starting up, we've received word of a brand-new gig that'll pay you $500 for doing the same things you'd be doing anyway. Casino review site BonusFinder is looking for a MLB Food Tester. More specifically, the company is looking for someone who's passionate about all things baseball and hot dogs, and who's willing to watch some games, eat some sausages, and review them on

On top of the $500 payment for writing reviews, the chosen taste tester will be given a localized food and travel budget.

What Criteria You'll Follow

To get the cash payout, the chosen MLB Food Tester will be asked to report back on their experiences, commenting on specific qualities of both the hot dogs and the baseball games. Here are the criteria you'd need to take into consideration.

For hot dogs:

  • Hot dog appearance and color
  • Quality of the bun and bread flavor
  • Hot dog flavor complexity and quality of meat
  • Sauce and topping generosity
  • Value for money

For baseball games:

  • Game entertainment and quality
  • Stadium atmosphere and excitement

How to Apply

To be considered for BonusFinder's dream job opening, you will hardly have to lift a finger. Go to the online job listing here, enter your name and email address, tell the company what state you live in and your favorite MLB team, then share why you'd be a perfect fit for the job.

The position is open to US and Canada applicants over the age of 21. You have from now through April to apply, and winners will be contacted by Wednesday, May 5 with further instructions.

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