This Company Will Pay You $500 to Be Its Pumpkin Pie Taste Tester

A "dream job" perfect for the holiday season.


The perfect job doesn’t exi—What are we saying? Of course it does. Everyone knows dessert is the best part of any holiday meal spread. Cookies, cakes, and of course, pies. You could spend the holiday season eating pie for free or you could polish up your resume and get paid to do it. 

Yes, this is real. A site called is looking for someone to act as an official pumpkin pie tester this holiday season. The gig pays $500 plus travel and food expenses and you get to try all the best pumpkin pies in the United States and Canada. It’s not enough to quit your good paying job, but you’ve probably got some paid time off (PTO) to use up, right?’s pumpkin pie tester has to be serious about the job. The lucky person will be asked to judge each pie they try on a few key metrics, so it’s not all stuffing your face and living the dream. Each pie will be judged on the following:

  • Pie appearance and color
  • Pumpkin-ness and filling flavor
  • Pastry texture and firmness
  • Filling smoothness and texture
  • Combination of spices and complexity of flavors
  • Value

Put on your best Paul Hollywood impression and get to it. This opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime gig and plenty of people are going to be vying for it. If you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, fill out the form on this website and include a blurb about why you’d be the best fit for the job. 

Finally, your sweet tooth might get you somewhere. 

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