Finally, A Boozy Ice Cream With as Much Alcohol as Beer

Socializing with booze is such an archaic pastime. It’s for college kids and ruffians -- or people who blindly follow tastemakers like Anthony Bourdain and carry snifters around for swilling craft beer.

If you’re looking to blaze trails while turning heads at the next party, arrive with Tipsy Scoop’s boozy ice cream, and don’t share it with anyone. In just one serving, this creamy delight packs in alcohol comparable to one light beer (up to 5% ABV), which is definitely enough booze to accomplish having fun at a party, if you do the math. Miraculously, nobody will ask you to play beer pong if you show up to the frat house with this stuff -- they’ll just stare at your ice cream, intrigued.

Check it out, and start salivating:


Spiked hazelnut coffee ice cream made with cafe patron & hazelnut liqueur 😋 📸 @music2mymouth

A photo posted by Tipsy Scoop (@tipsyscoop) on

Just think of all the light beer you won’t have to drink at the tailgate, or the cranberry vodkas you’ll get to turn down while shaking your tail at the club. This ice cream will make you the cool kid again, but remember: don’t share it with anyone, because something this coveted can only float under the radar for so long.

Various flavors are available in packs of four via Tipsy Scoop’s website.

H/T Foodbeast 

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