The Maker of Sam Adams Beer Is Unleashing Weed-Based Teas

Boston Beer is releasing weed teas across Canada this summer.

boston beer weed tea
Courtesy of Boston Beer Company
Courtesy of Boston Beer Company

If you're a company that makes a liquid, you most likely have or are planning on making an alcoholic version of that liquid. Coconut water. Tea. Fresca. Mtn Dew (née Mountain Dew).

That trend is also happening, to a lesser extent, in weed as legalized recreational use spreads across the US. PBR got into weed last year. Now, Boston Beer, maker of Sam Adams and Truly Hard Seltzer, is following suit. It has announced the launch of TeaPot, a line of weed-infused iced teas.

One of the significant differences between the trend in booze versus weed is that it's tough for big companies to get involved in the US when cannabis isn't legal on a federal level. So, Boston Beer's first foray into weed will be released in Canada. It says it'll be available in select provinces starting in July.

TeaPot, Boston Beer says, "blends real tea with specific cannabis strains to enhance specific times of the day." The first release will be Good Day Iced Tea, a drink made with lemon, black tea, and Pedro's Sweet Sativa, a strain of weed grown in Ontario. After that release, other varietals are expected to hit shelves throughout the year.

"While beer is our middle name, we've also introduced successful hard teas, hard ciders, hard seltzers, and canned cocktails," says Dave Burwick, CEO of The Boston Beer Company. "We're encouraged by the continued growth of the cannabis beverage category, and we believe it's one of the next innovation frontiers. As we await further progress on US regulations, we'll continue to develop an exciting product pipeline in the federally regulated market of Canada."

TeaPot will come in 12-ounce cans with 5mg of THC. Boston Beer may need a new slogan for this one. This isn't Boston. Drink accordingly?

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