Early Edition Super Bowl Recap Fails Epically

Failed Super Bowl Newspaper Cover
Tim Healey / <a href="" target="new">@TimbHealey</a>

In the storied tradition of "Dewey Defeats Truman," meet "A Bitter End." 

The early edition of The Boston Globe had to go to print before the end of Sunday's Super Bowl, in which the New England Patriots mounted a historic comeback, overcoming a 24-point deficit, more than double the largest Super Bowl deficit in NFL history. Quarterback Tom Brady, pictured lying on the ground after throwing a pick-six, didn't let the deficit, uh, deflate him.

The headline doesn't say what the outcome is explicitly, but seriously implies defeat for the hometown Pats. 

The Globe wasn't alone in thinking the writing was on the wall for the Pats. Most of the internet thought the jig was up at half time. And, because of the confines of the print edition, they had to run with it. 

The Washington Post's early edition — which went to just a "sliver" of their readership — also implied that things had gone south for the Patriots.

It was only a small fraction of readers that saw these editions. Most saw a very different view of Brady and the Pats, following their fifth Super Bowl win in recent years.

Brady's will to win won't be confined by your deadlines, newspapers.

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