You Can Buy Hot Dog Flavored Candy Corn Now

The new product is part of Brach's new Tailgate lineup, which will include five new flavors.

With Brach's new Tailgate Candy Corn bags, the Candy Corn season is coming a bit earlier this year. The controversial sweet is getting a makeover for football season, and the new Tailgate offering will come with Fruit Punch, Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Dog, Hamburger, and Popcorn flavors.

I can get on board with a Fruit Punch flavored Candy Corn. I imagine it wouldn't change the overall experience of biting into the candy and having your teeth nosh through a solid block of sugar. Even the Popcorn flavor makes a little sense when you think about all the sweet variations of the snack in the world. But Hot Dog and Hamburger Candy Corn give me pause.

For starters, the cultural consensus on whether or not Candy Corn is delicious or disgusting is still out. So, it's a bold move by Brach's to introduce two flavor options that seem so antithetical to sugary treats. Secondly, it is hard to imagine, even in the most generous line of thinking, how Hot Dog flavored Candy Corn could taste good. What essence of hot dog could even be transferred to the candy?

But, like the original Candy Corn, you'll have to draw your own conclusions. You can find the new Tailgate Candy Corn in 11-ounce packages nationwide until early October at Walgreens stores. That will give you plenty of time to decide if Hot Dog flavored candy is a genius innovation or a Frankenstein-style invention.

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