Dog Food Company Expands Recall Amid Salmonella and Listeria Concerns

Both humans and pets could be susceptible to getting infected.

It hasn't been a great start to the year for pet food manufacturers. First there was a recall of Midwestern Pet Foods products, and earlier in March, we got word that Bravo had recalled its Ground Beef and Performance Dog products due to potentially harmful bacteria contamination concerns.

Now, there's a new development: On Tuesday, Bravo expanded its voluntary recall to include all of its pet food and bones in all package sizes, according to the Food & Drug Administration.

Bravo's recall was initially issued following an FDA inspection that found traces of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. The recall has been expanded due to fears that the contaminated dog food could have come in contact with other Bravo products.

While pets could be at risk of getting infected by potentially contaminated food, officials warn that humans are also susceptible if they've handled the food or come in contact with pets' saliva or feces.

"A pet with a Salmonella infection may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting," reads the recall announcement. "Some pets will have decreased appetite, fever, and abdominal pain." If your pet has consumed Bravo products recently and shows any signs of a Salmonella infection, contact your veterinarian.

Humans who have been infected may experience similar symptoms, and those with weakened immune systems are at risk of more serious complications from Listeria.

As of now, there are no reported illnesses in humans or animals linked to Bravo's recalled items. Still, if you're in possession of any recalled items, discard them carefully and be sure to thoroughly clean your hands and any potentially contaminated surfaces.

If you have questions about the Bravo pet food recall, you can contact the company at 856-299-1044.

Here's a full list of the recalled Bravo products, per the FDA:

  • “Performance Dog” frozen raw dog food (2 pounds)
  • “Performance Dog” frozen raw dog food (5 pounds)
  • “Green Tripe” frozen raw dog food (2 pounds)
  • “Green Tripe” frozen raw dog food (5 pounds)
  • “Beef” frozen raw dog food (2 pounds)
  • “Beef” frozen raw dog food (5 pounds)
  • “Performance Dog” frozen raw dog food (patties)
  • “Tripe” frozen raw dog food (1/4-pound patties)
  • 14 varieties of smoked bones

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