Guy Tries to Solve Bug Problem in Backyard, Accidentally Blows up Entire Lawn

Removing pests sometimes creates more problems than the pests themselves. For example, if you have bed bugs, you can spread a fine powder called ~diatomaceous earth~ all over your floor, but nobody tells you that it can't be removed by vacuum, mop, or broom. So think twice when someone recommends that you, say, put gasoline into a hole in your backyard, because it just might ruin everything.

This was the case for one man in Brazil, Cesar Schmitz, who in an attempt to remove bugs from his backyard accidentally exploded the whole damn lawn. 

“My wife complained that there were a lot of roaches invading our garden,” Cesar Schmitz told FocusOn News. “She is scared of them and begged me to destroy their nest under the ground once and for all.”

So Schmitz, a good man, poured some gasoline into a hole. In the footage, you see Schmitz lighting matches and throwing them into the hole, being careful to take a quick step back to avoid what I assume he believed would be a small burst of flames. That was not so.

It's not often a video lives fully up to the headline. We try our best to be genuine here but, this time around, I really mean it when I say the entire lawn exploded. Like, all of the grass and at least half a foot of dirt underneath spontaneously exploded, creating a second lawn suspended -- briefly -- in the air. 

Schmitz stood there for a moment, feeling his feelings, and then turned away just as the video ended. As did a very-much-alive bunch of bugs. 

h/t HuffPost

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