BrewDog's Craft Beer Hotel Is Paradise for Beer Lovers

We've written before about how BrewDog Brewery -- based in Scotland but opening a location in Ohio soon -- has the greatest paid time-off policy of all time. It may also be getting what sounds like the greatest hotel of all time. The brewery is bringing what sounds like the most ingenious hotel of all time to humble Columbus, Ohio.

Thanks to a bank-breaking funding push from an IndieGoGo, in addition to a brewery, BrewDog is building The DogHouse, the world's first craft beer-themed hotel. Among other amenities, it'll feature hot tubs drawn with beer, facials administered with hop-infused creams, massages enhanced with barley, fridges in your bathroom for shower beers, other toiletries made with beer ingredients, and -- obviously -- minibars loaded with craft beers.

If you love craft beer and all this sounds like a sudsy, delicious wet dream, it gets better: This hotel will be located right next door to the sour beer facility BrewDog's launched in Columbus. That means more of one of the most interesting beer styles you can buy, plus unfettered access to adult beverages. It also sounds like the hotel will be reasonably priced -- giving $150 to the Indiegogo gets you one free night for two. Check out Indiegogo for more information.

H/T: Boozist