There's a 'Lord of the Rings' Beer for Your Next 'Rings of Power' Binge

"Lord of the Rings" is now drinkable.

BrewDog Lord of the Rings IPA
Courteys of BrewDog

The new Lord of the Rings series The Rings of Power continues to capture the attention of fantasy-loving streamers everywhere (even if it has occasionally been for unpleasant reasons).

While you are getting captured by the churnings of Middle Earth, you can imbibe in a thematically appropriate drink. BrewDog has released a limited-edition IPA called Fellowship IPA, made in partnership with Warner Bros.

The new 5% ABV beer is a hazy India pale ale that the brewery describes as having notes of "stone fruit, pineapples, and a touch of mango." The unfiltered beer that Pippin (probably) says goes well with the Shire’s finest is brewed with oats and wheat.

"At BrewDog, we’re huge fans of The Lord of the Rings--we actually lost count when asking how many people at the brewery had seen the films," shares BrewDog head brewer Steve McMillen. "When the opportunity to partner with Warner Bros. Consumer Products came up, the team instantly started mapping out how we could make a beer worthy of Middle-earth."

You can track down six-packs of Middle Earth’s finest using BrewDog’s beer finder.

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